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Enter this Contest!

The 75th anniversary of Cuisenaire Rods occurs in 2006. To help celebrate this occasion, ETA/Cuisenaire will publish a commemorative publication, 75 Years of Cuisenaire Rods, that will include sample Cuisenaire Rods lessons developed and used by mathematics educators.

Only original lessons accompanied by success stories will be considered. And, if you do not know what Cuisenaire rods are, perhaps it is time toi find out. They are a great manipulative that can illustrate interesting mathematics on any grade level, K-14.

Contest winners will not only have their lessons featured in the Cuisenaire Rods commemorative publication, but will also receive a $75 ETA/Cuisenaire gift certificate and a free copy of 75 Years of Cuisenaire Rods.

To submit your creative ideas as a contest entry, please complete their online form. All entries must be received either online or by mail on or before December 31, 2005. Winners will be selected and notified by January 31, 2005.