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Welcome back...and MATHNEXUS is back for its Year Three as well. Hope you are looking forward to a good year...filled with learning, teaching, and doing interesting mathematics.

This web site is updated weekly during the school year. Originally, it was designed and implemented as part of a grant-funded project. Unfortunately, that project ends anon, but this website will continue to exist as a support for math teachers (6-14).

Its various parts (as they have evolved over the past two years):

  • Math Lint: No way to explain or justify this section. It is a place reserved for my sharing of eclectic, odd information or rants as if it were a B-Blog (think of B-movies).
  • Problem of the Week: Favorite and interesting problems to be used with students...includes a hint...and solution commentary the subsequent week. If you have a favorite problem, please send it in (with hint and solution commentary) for sharing.
  • Quote of the Week: Commentary on mathematics, teaching or learning mathematics, education in general, or life in general. If you have a favorite quote, please send it in for sharing.
  • Statistic of the Week: Unusal data, factoids, or numerical thoughts, often includes a problem situation. If you have a unusual statistics, please send it in for sharing.
  • Humor of the Week: Is is humor?..depends on the reader. Will vary from groaners to high-level humor to visual humor...etc. If you have a favorite piece of humor, please send it in for sharing.
  • Website of the Week: Overviews of a wide-ranging collection of websites that may be of interest to mathematics teachers or students. If you have a favorite website, please send it in for sharing.
  • Math Person of the Week: Provides clues about a mathematician...and your task is to determine who it is. An attempt is made to include living mathematicians as well. If you have a favorite mathematician who has not been included, please send a name in (with clues) for sharing.
  • Resource of the Week: Ranges from websites, materials, books, contacts, professional groups, etc. If you have a favorite resource, please send it in for sharing.
  • Golden Oldie of the Week: Problems taken from texts that range from 50 years old to 5000 years old. If you have a favorite "oldie," please send it in for sharing.
  • Calendar: Includes birthdays, conference events, holidays, and trivia.
  • Events for Teachers: Up-to-date listing of professional organizations (mathematics and computing) and their yearly events. If you have an event that should be listed, please send it in for sharing.
  • Student Assessment Materials: Links to sample assessment problems, assessment resources, and artciles about assessment. If you have an assessment resource that should be listed, please send it in for sharing.
Be sure to browse the Archives as well...almost 1000 pages of information available. I hope you both enjoy and find the website's content useful. Your comments are always helpful. Have a good year!