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A "Number" of Gift Ideas One Can Count On

The winter holidays are about to arrive, sending us scurrying to look for proper holdiday gifts. So why not consider the following "numbers" as potential gifts.

"Number" 1:The hottest neck accessory is New York designer Alex Woo's Little Numbers line. Basically, each option is a digit (0-9) of your choice (in silver, gold, or diamonds), which then hangs from silver or gold chains or suede cords. As usual, Hollywood stars are making this option popular. Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria wears the digit 9 to represent her boyfriend's jersey number (Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs), Kelly Ripa wears the digit 3 to denote her three children, and Friends'actress Courteney Cox wears digits 1 and 3 to represent her daugther's birthdate (June 13). Available from Alex Woo's website, the cost of these "Number" necklaces is only $118-$398, all easily "affordable" on a teacher's salary. Now, if only they had a Pi symbol, I might be interested.

"Number" 2: The book Numbers is a fun read, authored by David Boyle and Anita Roddick. As the authors claim, it is a collection of some of "the most peculiar, bizarre, shocking, or hilarious numbers we could find. They are meant to make you think, to challenge your assumptions (and your credulity), to make you laugh, to move you to action, or simply to entertain. This book also offers a glimpse into the history of humanity’s fascination with numbers and how our relationship with them ultimately reveals how we relate to each other and our world." Sound interesting? I have owned my copy for some months now and find it quite entertaining (and makes a great book to put out for bathroom reading). You can get it on Amazon for $8.95 (or used copies for about $5).

"Number" 3: Given the popularity of the Numb3rs television show, why not get a copy of the DVD containing all of the Numb3rs shows from season one? Unfortunately, the DVD is still in the works, but you can get your name on a waiting list at Amazon. It should be available for some future gift occasion.

"Number" n: Or, you could share you understanding of mathematics with others...that is a true "Gift of Numbers." Sorry for the schmaltz, I could not think of any other way to end this note...