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Mathematician Wins Visualization Award

In the recent 2007 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, Doug Arnold and Jonathan Rogness, University of Minnesota mathematicians, received an award for their video Mobius Transformations Revealed.

The video demonstrates the beauty of mobius transformations, a complex mathematical function. To make it more attractive, Arnold and Rogness set the video to classical music.

Basically, a mobius transformations is a "slight" variation on the transformations all secondary students know and appreciate--rotations, translations, and dilations--plus one new breed or transformation--inversions. See the video and everything will seem clear!

And who says that the public does not care about mathematics? A low-resolution version of the video was released on YouTube and has been viewed on-line almost 1.5 million times! Read the associated comments for additional insights, such as "If math isn't beautiful, nothing is!" and "i feel even stupider than i already am. thank you for showing how complex math can get. my brain just exploded."

Source: Inventing Tomorrow, Fall-Winter 2007-2008, p. 5