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Another FREE Student Competition

Why nor have your students participate in the Third Millennium International Olympiad, an online event? It will occur on Sunday, 1 March, 2009, 4-7 pm (EST). IT is FREE!

As to the competition, six problems will be displayed for each of the grades 5-12 for a time-length of 3 hours. Check out the sample problems .

During the test's three allocated hours, registered students will solve the six problems, type in their answers using a special online editor, and submit their solutions. Students in grades 9-12 also will be able to upload graphic files (created by a graphics/paint program and saved in gif, jpg, or png formats).

If students feel a problem involves some ambiguity, students should mention it in their submitted responses, while also investigating the more interesting interpretation.

A team of SchoolPlus mathematics teachers will first screen submitted solutions, before passing on the "viable" submissions to be evaluated by a team of mathematics teachers at St. Petersburg, Russia.

For scoring, each correct solution with a detailed solution earns 7 points. Thus, the maximum score for the Olympiad is 42 points. The results of the Olympiad will be e-mailed to all participating students, plus the winners will receive special certificates and have their names posted on multiple web sites.

Registration opens Monday, 23 February, 12 pm (EST). Once registered, students can practice using the online editor, which will be sued to compose and submit student responses online during the Olympiad. Students need to register at the SchoolPlus-Online site, with grade 9-12 students using the special link provided.

This is the ninth year of the Olympiad since its inception in 2001. Thus far, more than one million students from more than 50 countries have participated in the Olympiad. Why not encourage your stduents to register, participate, and join the crowd!