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Second On-Line Math Contest

A past issue of MathNEXUS recommended Dave Marain's MathNotations and his first on-line contest. I hope you have visited his web site and found some useful information there, plus perhaps had students participate in his first contest.

Now, Dave is conducting a second FREE On-Line Math Contest for secondary students who have completed Algebra II. Unfortunately, the timing is quite short, as the contest occurs during the week of May 18th-22nd, with registration needed by May 13th (not much notice..it's my fault!).

Again, in contrast for the first contest that was directed at grade 7-12 students, this one is suggested more for advanced students. Questions will involve topics from geometry, algebra, trigonometry, discrete math, etc. No calculus...

The contest is different in that it is FREE, team-based (up to 6 participants), has multi-part questions (like the investigations on his blog) and contains some open-ended parts requiring verbal explanations. Calculators are allowed.

Any interested school district or mathematics teacher can register simply by emailing Dave to get a registration form.

On the day of the contest, participating students will type their answers/solutions in Word. Their sponsor/proctor will then email Dave the form as an attachment.

To learn more or request a registration form, consult Dave's web site. Have fun....and browse his website while you are there.