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A Weird Math Contest For YOU!

Recently I spoke at mathematics conference, with my talk focused on strange or odd things about mathematics. At the end of the talk, I offered a challenge to the audience: Submit the weirdest things you know about mathematics--concepts, ideas, theorems, historical tidbit, whatever--and I was prepared to award some great prizes. The audience was forewarned that the appropriate entries would appear on this web site.

Unfortunately, only one person (R.C., Kent, WA)responded to the challenge, with this entry: I think any list HAS to include on it Simpson's Paradox - the situation where Batter A can have a higher average against righties than Batter B while at the same time also having a higher average against lefties, but Batter B somehow has the higher overall average.

This is a great entry to add to my growing list, which I will share at a future time. To generate more, let me expand the contest.

What is the weirdest thing you know in mathematics that can be shared with others on this web site? E-mail me your entries ASAP!

Again, I will offer some great prizes for the best entries. The contest is open to anyone, with the first due date being June 1, 2009. If you are reading about this challenge after this date, please still submit your entry, as I will "forever" reserve some prizes for "late-but-great" winners!