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A World of Fifty Termespheres

A past issue of MathNEXUS recommended Dick Termes' Termespheres. I hope you have visited his web site and enjoyed the interesting information it provides. If not, visit it now...

Dick's current exhibition Thinking in the Round is a showing of fifty Termespheres at the Dahl Arts Center (Rapid City, South Dakota). The showing is scheduled to conclude on May 31st of 2009.

Since most of you are unable to attend the exhibition, please watch these two videos:

  • The first video shows the set-up or hanging of the 50 Termespheres
  • The second video shows the opening of the show, some conversations with Dick, and some reactions of the viewing public
Dick Termes is an incredible artist, an exceptional human being, and a great friend. What makes Dick unique is that he paints on spheres using six-point perspective. Also, he is the proud possessor of his own illusion known as the Termes illusion.

If you ever get the chance to see one of his Termespheres in person, do so. You will not regret it.