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Not Sure This Is Mathematics, BUT...

John Taylor's Corpus Clock is installed at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, England. The clock generates conversation and "scares children."

The monster bug at the top, Chronophage (or "time-eater"), is in constant motion, complemented with blinking eyes, snapping jaws, and a stinging tail. Below the bug is the 5-foot in diameter clock face, plated in gold. There are no hands or digital numbers. Rather, blinking blue LED lights shine through slits in the three concentric rings to record the hours, minutes, and seconds.

But, the most interesting aspects remain. The clock plays with the observer's perceptions of time...sometimes slowing down, sometimes stopping, and sometimes running backwards.

So why do I care or want to share this information? Given the "playful" character of the clock, how would the observer ever really know what time it really is? But then, I guess I should be forewarned about the same when using my K-Mart special $5.95 chronograph watch with its 54 functions!

Source: Adaptation of "Time Flies," Wired, Feb. 2009, p. 25.