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Teacher Development...or Lack Of?

Researchers from Stanford University and the National Staff Development Council have prepared a new "status" report on teacher development activities. Some of its findings:

  • 71% of the teachers had been assigned some kind of mentor teacher
  • Though teachers need about 50 hours of concentrated professional development time to make significant changes, most professiobnal development experiences in the United States were much shorter
  • Secondary teachers were less likely to engage in professional development than elementary teachers
  • U.S. teachers rarely collaborated professionally in designing curriculum and sharing teaching practices...and the collaboration that did occur was weak and not focused om strengthening teaching and learning
  • U.S. teachers claim that the words "not useful" describe the majority of the professional development opportunities available to them
So what to do....and who is at fault? Coordinators of professional development experiences that are inept...? Administrators that do not support...? Teachers who do not care...?

Source: http://nsdc.org/stateproflearning.cfm