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The 48th Annual Northwest Mathematics Conference will be held October 22-24, 2009, in Whister, British Columbia. Some of the featured speakers are Trevor Calkins, Carole Saundry-Fullerton, and Peter Liljedahl.

The conference sessions include full-day institutes, an opening session/reception (Thursday evening), a special Saturday breakfast, plus the standard conference schedule of sessions, workshops, work sessions, and minicourses.

If you have never attended a Northwest Math Conference (and if you have), now is the time....as they are an outstanding experience:

  • A wide variety of interesting speakers addressing mathematics education topics that span grade levels K-University...and touch on both pedagogy and mathematics
  • A vendor's area full of classroom resources plus+
  • A chance for you to interact with colleagues...share stories, concerns, and techniques
  • Where or when else can you go out and see the grounds being prepared for the Winter Olympics...plus eat at a Whistler resturant and listen to people at a nearby table use their napkins to draw and discuss mathematics problems
For additional information on registration, times, and housing, please go to: Northwest Math Conference