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What Is This?

Architect Frank Gehry has designed modular wall kits that mimic mathematical relationships and polyhedral patterns.

The large pieces are light weight and can fit together to form room dividers, an entire office, etc. The pieces are easily taken apart (and are washable) in case you do not like your current design.

The modular pieces come in three types:

  • Razortooth Design's Modulari--Comprised of 1-foot square die-cut tiles that interlock to form patterned screens that are light enough to hang from the ceiling
  • Mio's Nomad System--14"x12" rectangles that interlock like a large house of cards...and you can even form doors and windows
  • Kvadrat Clouds--17"x11" asymmetrical polygons that fit together via rubber bands to build walls or rooms
  • See...there are real-world uses for what some consider geometry playing! Also, for more about the person who created these pieces, see Frank Gehry--a "starchitect" known for cardboard furniture, a paper house, and a fascination with fish.

    Source: T. Keough, "My Space," Wired, June 2009, p. 80.