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Algebra Adds Value to Mathematical Biology Education

Taken from ScienceDaily, the above headlines were clear (and welcome). Consider these quotes taken from the subsequent article:

  • "As mathematics continues to become an increasingly important compoenent in undergraduate biology programs, a more comprehensive understanding of the use of algebraic models is needed by the next generation of biologists to facilitate new advances in the life sciences."
  • "Future generations of biologists will routinely use mathematical and computational approaches to develop and frame hypotheses, design experiments, and analyze results."
  • "Two types of mathematical models, in particular, have been successfully used in biology to reproduce network structure and dynamics: Continuous-time models derived from differential equations...(and) discrete-time algebraic models."
  • "Creating algebraic models of biochemical networks requires only a modest mathematical background, which is usually provided in a college algebra course."
  • "The exciting thing about algebraic models from an educational perspective is that they highlight aspects of modern-day biology...."
And the "defense" rests once again, case closed....mathematics is useful!

Source: ScienceDaily, August 3, 2009, which summarized an article in Science, July 31, 2009