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I Need an Update

The Final Reports were issued in 2003. Considerable press coverage was given to the conclusions made...and now we sit, three years later with no idea as to whether anyone did anything in response to the reports.

Let me take two sets back. Standards for Success, an Association of American Universities project funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, had two goals. First, identify what secondary students need to know and be able to do in order to succeed in entry-level university courses. Second, analyze the alignment between state high school assessments and the "Knowledge and Skills for University Success" standards, with the goal being to improve the connection between the content of high school tests and the standards for university success.

Two reports were issued: Understanding University Success contained the "Knowledge and Skills for University Success" standards and Mixed Messages contained the alignments.

What got all of the press in 2003? The study concluded that all of the mathematics tests at the high school level (from 20 different states) were "inconsistently aligned" with the prescribed in the "Knowledge and Skills for University Success" standards specific to mathematics.

So what has happened since the project's end in 2003 and their release of the two reports? I have hear nothing...nor have I heard of any actions being taken...by universities, states, or high school systems. I would like to see what "Knowledge and Skills for University Success" standards contain, especially since they supposedly were generated by my esteemed university colleagues.

At best, I cannot even locate copies of the two reports, which would include the standards and might hint at some intended action My best yet unsatisfying source was the FAQs on the previous CEPR web site. Anyone know anything...i.e. about these concerns?