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Math and Chocolate Lovers

Professor David Kennedy at Northumbria University (UK). Remember the name...

Kennedy's research has shown that mental arithmetic becomes easier once a person had swallowed a hot cocoa drink containing large amounts of the compound flavanol found in chocolate.

One conclusion is that of positive effects for students who binge on chocolate when cramming for exams....or it even helps when facing "things that are difficult to do, mentally demanding things...." Sounds like a cure for math exam anxieties.

These same test subjects were less likely to feel tired or mentally drained. Isn't that called a "chocolate high"?

After the cocoa drink, the subjects could compute more quickly and more accurately, did not get as tired, and could extend the effects to more complex tasks.

The cocoa drink contained 500 mg of flavanol. Select chocolate bars may contain 100 mg flavanol. ...dark chocolate is the best option!

Source: Telegraph.co.uk, April 3, 2009