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Join the Tootpaste Crusade!

A Korean-made toothpaste has just hit the market. Once it arrives on counters stateside, I expect it will be bought up in hugh quantities by students taking calculus. The tootpaste is Clinx, which includes "Anti-Calculus" ingredients!

According to discussion-forums in Korea, Clinx contains imbedded grains of sand to help scrub away stains. And, perhaps your tooth enamel.

The author of the blog "Delicious Ambiguity" took it upon herself to write to the producers of Clinx, with this letter:

Dear Makers of Clinx! Toothpaste...
There were two other toothpaste brands to choose from at the GS25 convenience store, but I bought your brand specifically for its math-fighting abilities. I dont want my brain to be the only part of me that is against calculus. Id like my teeth, gums and tongue to join my personal fight against limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and infinite series. I chuckled along with you, Makers of Clinx, when I realized that an ironic addition to its positive fight against math, is that Clinx! Anti-Calculus toothpaste was the best bargain of the paste lot, challenging the buyer to both relate to the math hate but also understand the basic math function of money being saved at the very same time. Clinx!oh, you sly little devil, you. So Clinx!, I raise my glass of mouthwash to you for creating such a paradoxical and minty fresh opposition. If only I could have brushed with you back in high school. With our powers combined, I could have certainly rocked that AP Calculus exam.
Warm regards,
Delicious Ambiguity

And, as for myself, I am off to the local Dollar stores, to buy up all the boxes of this calculus-fighting toothpaste. Not to use...but someone has to keep Clinx out of the mouths of our calculus-taking students.