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I Raise My Hand in Protest!

On hearing some news reports, I often shudder and am sometimes embarrassed by my fellow teachers...but then I am sure that I also embarrass them quite often. So what triggered these sentiments?

All classrooms in a school in Dagenham, East London, have banned students from raising their hands when wanting to respond to questions asked by teachers. Thats right...Banned! A "No Hands Up" poster has been posted in every classroom.

Though hard to understand the sentiments behind this ban, it is perhaps harder to justify it. The school head, Andrew Buck, claims that hand-raising leads to "victimisation," because many children sit back while the same kids "hog the limelight" by raising their hands. Furthermore, the encouragement of hand raising causes "panic in childfen who are picked but do not know the answer while others around them are straining to give it."

Enough said...who wants to discuss their next frustration with colleagues? Please raise your hand!

Source: L. Lightfoot's "Pupils Banned from Putting Their Hands Up," London Daily Telegraph, January 28, 2006