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Your Help is Needed!

In some recent browsing, I came across something known as the Samsung SuperHeroes Competition. Ever hear of it?

Basically, the company Samsung is challenging K-12 students to "discover themselves while learning about historical characters." That is, students select and then portray their favorite historical character on video (1-3 minutes in length).

Now, the reason for requesting your help. Not one of the videos submitted thus far has been about a mathematician from our rich history. That is right, not one. Yet, there are videos about Michael Jordan, Sarah Pallin, P. Diddy, John Dillinger, Jesse James, and Pocahantus.... BORING! Yes, it is shameful...not one mathematician!

The entry process is easy for students:

  • Decide on what mathematician they want to portray
  • Become that mathematician...dress up and speak like the character...but avoid Archimedes' Eureka moment!
  • Re-tell/enact your mathematician's story as they would have told it
  • Have someone capture your portrayal on video (even using a cellphone camera is okay)
  • Then click on the "Submit SuperHero Video Here" button, complete the necessary information, browse your computer to find your video, press the "Upload & Submit" button, and wait for the "Thank You"
Every submitted video is uploaded on three webistes (Samsung, YouTube, and Facebook), once it is reviewed and approved.

The odd thing is that Samsung is advertising this as a competition. It even offers judging criteria: (a) Presentation performance, (b) Character and content accuracy, and (c) Content quality. However, I am unsure what this means, as every approved video is posted...and I am unaware of any prizes.

So, I challenge all students who enjoy mathematics...create and submit your videos! Do it for Euler, Pythagoras, Newton, Euclid, Hypathia, ...the list of mathematical greats goes on forever. It can be fun...and every entry is educating the public....mathematicians exist and are an important part of history.