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I Ask For Your Help!

In the MathLint for last week, I ranted about an act which I find quite objectionable. My frustration started with an ebay ad, and then increased with further review of the associated web site.

To summarize, someone was offering to help interested parties cheat while taking on-line math courses. The ad read: "...I will assist with your online algebra class or maybe you have an assignment that you don't have time to do.. I can assist you with it or I can just do it for you." (emphasis mine)

On the web site Do My Algebra Assignments, the offer continues: "SPECIALIZED ALGEBRA TUTOR WILL COMPLETE YOUR ALGEBRA ASSIGNMENTS...Maybe you need someone to complete you entire online Algebra class for you, we can help....Or maybe you just need a test taken because you are too busy to get it done, we can help....I CAN HELP YOU TOO."

Again, the person making this offer is listed as "Selena1Powell" from Richland, MS. I sent a "unfriendly" e-mail to "Selena1Powell"... But did not receive no response. Several other people sent objections as well...with no response.

So, I am asking for the help of all who peruse the MathNEXUS website, assuming you agree that the proposed acts are objectionable.

Will you send Ms. Powell a nasty note as well! In fact, you can cut-and-paste the following and send it to the address powell3t@gmail.com:

Your website offers to do algebra homework and even take tests for someone.

This is immoral and disappointing. Cheating, lying, misrepresentation are crimes...and it is even worse that you are initiating or advocating such.


Thanks...with all of your help, we may have some positive impact, let alone clog her mail box so students (those looking for an easy route) can not contact her.