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May I Suggest a Special Holiday Present!

In past issues of MathNEXUS, I have recommended Dick Termes and his Termespheres. I hope you have visited his web site and enjoyed the interesting information it provides. If not, visit it now...

Dick Termes is an incredible artist, an exceptional human being, and a great friend. What makes Dick unique is that he paints on spheres using six-point perspective. Also, he is the proud possessor of his own illusion known as the Termes illusion.

And, now...if you are still looking for that perfect...unique holiday present for that special someone (who hopeflly appreciates art and mathematics), why not give them a solar/Termesphere that rotates magically over its base.

Choose from any of the MOVA (solar) TERMESPHERES...such as the Pantheon, Fish Eye View and From The Earth. Interested?.....Please look at the video of these limited edition, signed and numbered solar powered Termespheres. They are priceless gifts that will both awe, inspire, and serve as great conversation pieces.

The time to decide is now....you will not be disappointed!