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What Math Books Do You Recommend?

In November 1972, The Mathematics Teacher published "What Every Mathematics Teacher Ought to Read."

The list was based on a survey of twenty prominent mathematics educators, who were asked: If you had to identify the ten most important or useful books that a mathematics teacher should own and study, what would they be?"

Only sixteen of the twenty replied...and the sixteen reads like a Who's Who (in 1972)...Max Beberman, Robert Davis, Zoltan Dienes, Donovan Johnson, Morris Kline, etc....But, I would guess that most current readers are not familiar even with these names.

The lists were complied, sorted by category, and published as a bibliography.

Tell me...how would you respond to this survey, using these Categories. NOTE: You are allowed to list only two math books per Category....but submit for as many Categories as desired.

  • History and Biography
  • Surveys and Foundations
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Methods
  • Enrichment and Popularization
  • Problem Solving
  • Journals
  • Miscellaneous or Other
  • Novels (my addition to the list)
Please send me your recommendations....I will organize and print the results....later. For now, I am busy responding to my own survey!

Source: L. Leake's "What Every Mathematics Teacher Ought to Read," Mathematics Teacher, Nov. 1972