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A Puzzle Competition!

The TurkZeka 2006/1 Puzzle Competition has started on Saturday (March 4, 2006). It is a chance for you and your students to engage in some fun....on the order of completing Suducko puzzles, but with more of a math flair.

AIM of the Contest: The Internet site TurkZeka.Com was established with a purpose of helping puzzle fans improve their ability of imaging, thinking, finding hidden keys, forming conclusions, finding out the hidden properties etc. and having nice and useful time at the same time.

Some history of the Puzzle Competitions: The first puzzle competition (50 questions) was held in 2004, spread throughout the year. Four similar puzzle competitions were held in 2005. This year (2006), each competition (total two times in 2006) is going to have 10 puzzles. These puzzle competitions are open to participants in any country, though the statements of the competition puzzles will be published in only Turkish, English and Japanese.

The TurkZeka 2006/1 Puzzle Competition started at 04.03.2006 22:00:00 GMT. New puzzles will be published bi weekly on Saturday at 22:00:00 GMT. You have exactly fourteen days to submit the answers of the puzzles via "Answer" form page. Please carefully read the information about the answer format in the puzzle text before answering.

Each correct answer is 100 points and there are two types of bonus points. One of the bonus points depends on giving a corerct answer [first three competitors (30, 20 and 10 point)] and the other bonus depends on the "answering" day begining from current puzzle's publish date [65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 points].

Correct answers and solutions will be given and your score will be updated when the next puzzle is published. You can see whether your answer is correct or not on the "Score Analysis Table".

To compete: You need to sign up at the problem site and login at Turkzeka. Before signing up, you might want to explore the host site itself, but be sure to use the english mode or it will make little sense. Unfortunately, the most interesting graphics occurs only in the Turkish mode.

Disclaimer: I do not know much else about this competition, but it sounds interesting. Perhaps it is a guise for collecting e-mail addresses, so consider yourself forewarned....but then (like the state lottery) if you don't enter, you can't win.