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An Update....Is It A Fake?

In a late-May issue of Math Lint, I shared a photo that fascinated me...and wondered if it was true?

I asked: If one flips wet hair, does the accompanying stream of water follow the path of the Fibonacci Spiral? And then asked someone to test it during this past summer.

Before the summer even arrived, I received a note from G.G. (Clarkston), stating: "I noticed the rectangle on the left, not a square... So I researched a bit..." I believe he is right. The shape on the left has to be a square...and if it is not a square, the picture's visual claim is in question!

Then, based on his research, G.G. shared a website I had not seen. It is the focus of the Website of the Week. Not only does it claim the picture is a fake...it also includes many more concerns about the special properties of the Golden Ratio.

So, now I ask, maybe the picture was drawn in a crude manner. If done properly, does the hair-flip conform to the Golden Rectangle, etc. You see, I want to believe...