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Nailing Pi-Day

Math enthisiasts always find new ways to be creative. For example, on this math Pi-Day, Jen Green (one of my WWU students) made my Pi-day with her Pi-Day creativity....

In order, they are:

  • Pi = C/D (definition of Pi as circumference over diameter)
  • 3.7,30 (the value of Pi the Babylonians used around 2000 BC)
  • 4(8/9)2 (the value of Pi the Egyptians used around 2000 BC)
  • 3 (the value of Pi found in the Old Testament which was compiled around 550 BC)
  • 2(2x(2/3)x(4/3)x...) (the infinite series for Pi developed by John Wallis in 1655 AD)
  • 3.14 (the approximation of Pi used for Pi-Day!)
  • 4 (the value of Pi in Taxicab Geometry);
  • 16/sqrt(3) (the value found by Edwin Goodwin of Indiana which he attempted to copyright and legislate in the Indiana Pi Bill in 1897)

Here are some close-ups of her creative efforts...

Impressed with her creativity, I asked Jen if she would share photos of her Pi-nails. She responded: "I would be honored to have my nails on your website! ... I'm glad I made your day."

Thanks Jen....!