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Does This Still Sound Familiar?

In 1987, James Flanders became quite famous for his mathematics research. It impacted my views of the mathematics curriculum at that time, with wisps of it still present today.

In mutliple NCTM journals, Flanders published the article "How Much of the Content in Mathematics Textbooks Is New?" A very reasonable question...and his answer was disturbing.

His research approach was simple: Examine textbooks for grades K-9 mathematics to determine how much of content was new content rather than review of old content.

The essence of Flanders' findings are summarized in the chart below.

Flanders' conclusion: New content tends to decrease from Grade 3 through Grade 8, with the lowest amount of new content in mathematics books for Grades 6, 7, and 8.

My question: If this same study was done today, would the results be any different? I am afraid I know the answer....