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Taking a Long Break, Perhaps!

Important Note: The website MathNEXUS was created in August of 2005. New content has been added weekly. In many instances, the website has achieved its purpose: To enhance the teaching of mathematics at the secondary level.

But, perhaps all good things must eventually change...which is why I have decided to stop adding new content to the website. All of the previous content will remain available via the Archives...ten years of humor, problem, statistics, websites, resources, etc.! View this "break" as an opportunity for you to search the Archives section for content missed during the past ten years.

Please know that I have created two new websites that complement MathNEXUS. With a focus on the history of mathematics, a great number of varied resources are offered. See the Old Math Problems and the Teaching the History of Mathematics. Please give them your consideration...for use and enjoyment.

As a recap, the MathNEXUS web site was originally part of a grant-funded project that ended financially but continued in spirit until my retirement. The website existed as a support for mathematics teachers (6-14) and people who enjoy mathematics.

Its various key parts (as they have evolved over the past ten years):

  • Math News: Overview of events, research reports, new discoveries, awards, etc. all linked to mathematics.
  • Math Lint: No way to explain or justify this section, which is reserved for my sharing of eclectic, odd information or rants as if it were a B-Blog (think of B-movies).
  • Problem of the Week: Favorite and interesting problems to be investigated and hopefully shared with students...includes a hint...and solution commentary the subsequent week.
  • Quote of the Week: Commentary on mathematics, teaching or learning mathematics, education in general, or life in general.
  • Statistic of the Week: Unusal data, factoids, or numerical thoughts, which often lead to the posing of problem situations.
  • Humor of the Week: Is it humor?..depends on the reader. Effects will vary from groaners to high-level humor to visual humor...etc.
  • Website of the Week: Overviews of a wide-ranging collection of websites that may be of interest to mathematics teachers or students.
  • Math Person of the Week: Provides clues about a mathematician...and your task is to determine who it is.
  • Resource of the Week: Ranges from websites, materials, books, contacts, professional groups, etc.
  • Golden Oldie of the Week: Problems taken from texts that range from 50 years old to 5000 years old.
  • Calendar: Includes birthdays, conference events, holidays, and trivia.
When browsing the Archives, if you find broken links, I apologize. It is difficult to keep things current when about 5000 pages of information are available.

Creating and maintaining this website has been an enjoyable, though time-consuming, experience. I hope you have found the website's content useful as well.