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Have you been following the exploits of Tyson Mao? First he was a guest on the Jay Leno's Tonight Show and later was a contestant on Beauty and the Geek.

In addition to being a senior astrophysics major a Cal Tech, Tyson was the founder of the Cal Tech Rubik's Cube Club in January 2004. At the time, he was the world record holder in the manipulation of that famous multicolored 3-D puzzle.... being able to solve the puzzle blindfolded in 1 minute and 58.32 seconds.

Unfortunately, Tyson is the "former" world record holder, as he has been supplanted by his protege, Leyan Lo, who has solved the cube blindfolded in 1 minute and 46.48 seconds and un-blindfolded in 11.13 seconds! Leyan is a Cal Tech junior.

Caltech cubits Leyan Lo and Tyson Mao

So, if you or your students have nothing to do this summer, try to capture the record. If you do not want to do it blindfolded, become a "speedcuber"...the current record "average" is something like 13.42 seconds. To give you another push, you might want to visit the ultimate web site for speedcubers: Cubefreak, even if it is for nothing more than to check the unbelieveable records or watch videos of rapid solutions of the cube.