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Catch-up On Math Lint

Unfortunately, I have an overflowing surplus of content for "Math Lint"...and not enough time/space to include it. So, let me do some catching up here...

In December 1999, I found an "Amazing Offer" in a newspaper that read: "The company will pay you .50 an hour while you surf as you normally do, and .10 while your fridns surf! I've made over $1200 since Aug. '99. No cost to you. Ever! Takes less than a minute to join...."

I did some calculation, cherishing those "fools" who make decimal errors such as this. To earn $1200 at the sole rate, the person worked $1200/0.005$/hr or 240,000 hours, or just over 27 years!

So, he must have had a lot of friends helping him out. Suppose he worked night/day 24-7 for the prior months of September, October, and November...or 2160 hours for $10.80. The friends made $1189.20 for him...and again assuming they worked 24-7 during this same time period for him at .10 an hour. Each friend made $2.16, implying that he had 551 friends....not sure when they found time to be friends!

As a side note...the group sponsoring this ad still exists today...look it up online: AllAdvantage. The nice thing is that they now have their rates listed correctly ala the decimal point.

On ebay, a gentleman offers tutoring services in Math and Physics. He writes: "I am a graduate of Aerospace Engineering and am very capable of solving your problems online!! Simply send me an email with the problem and within 24 hours I will have a detailed solution back to you! I normally charge $20/hour but will answer individual questions for $3.00/each...." The current ebay price was $2.50 with only 1 bid.

I must confess I restrained myself here, as I wanted to send him one of the unsolved Millennium Problems from the Clay Institute's website, such as the Reimann Hypothesis: "The prime number theorem determines the average distribution of the primes. The Riemann hypothesis tells us about the deviation from the average. Formulated in Riemann's 1859 paper, it asserts that all the 'non-obvious' zeros of the zeta function are complex numbers with real part 1/2."

It perhaps is worth $3 to have this ebay gentleman solve this problem for the world!

My third catch-up: On ebay, a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsinite offered a "Deer Hunting Formula," with a starting price of $0.25 but received no bids. His claim: "I am selling a mathematical formula that will increase your chances of successfully shooting a running deer....By plugging in the estimated speed of the deer. the distance to the deer, and the muzzle velocity of the gun you're using, you can find the distance you should lead the deer."

Wow...I am sure that Deer Preservation Societies backed this formula, because once one took the time to use it and enter the data, any running deer would be long gone and safe.