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A Plea For Help--

For 35 years I have worked as a mathematics teacher educator...and even more as a mathematics teacher. What do you think is the most common question that I have been asked...besides "Will this be on the test?".

As expected, I am not alone in this. For example consider this plea from one of my former math ed students....HOW WOULD YOU RESPOND?

"After graduation, I got a job teaching Algebra and Algebra 2 at ***** High School, in ***** Washington. This is my second year teaching and one question that comes up again and again from students is "why do we have to learn this? Or when will I ever use this?"

When I left grad school I felt like I had a good understanding and answer to the question but I would like to do more research and reading about it. I was wondering if you know of any good articles or books I could read on the topic to further my understanding? Or if you had some insight on this question that you have gathered from your years of experience and research.

I am sorry if I am over reaching my bounds, reaching out to you like this, but this question has been on my mind...."

I am glad that this former student has taken the time to care enough to pass the question on to me...BUT AGAIN, HOW WOULD YOU RESPOND?

I will pass your responses on to my former student.