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Math Chat 3!

University students, preparing to become math teachers, kept me fresh, and their humor was infectious. My continual hope is that they will use their humor and creative energy to help improve math education.

A few years ago, I gave recognition to two Math Chat videos.They were created by two of my students, T.J. French and Kyle Walsh, just before they became secondary math teachers.

To start things off, they pulled a stunt on me during a break in our methods class. So, I challenged them to create a video using the stunt. What they produced far exceeded what I expected.

Basking in the success and notoriety of their first video, they created a second video, along the same lines of humorous mathematics.

And then this week, I received an e-mail from them, now established as math teachers at the same school, no less. The video is called Math Chat 3!.

Enjoy...look at all three Math Chat videos. If nothing else, you will groan. They are clever people, and I expect this creativity shows up positively in their teaching of math to high school students.