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Two New Math Discoveries

The internet is overflowing with new math discoveries. The difficulty is identifying them...and separating the wheat from the chaff!

Example One: Alexander Bogomolny's great webiste, Cut-the-Knot.org, has been suggested many times on MathNEXUS. A "new" post notes that "Harlan Brothers has recently discovered the fundamental constant e hidden in the Pascal Triangle; this by taking products - instead of sums - of all elements in a row." This caught my attention, as for most of my life I have been intrigued (and surprised) by everything that can be found in Pascal's Triangle....and this is a new twist, complete with a proof. Consider e in the Pascal Triangle

Example Two: The Guardian recently reported mathematician Edmund Harriss' discovery of a delightful fractal curve that no one had ever drawn before. Inspired by the golden ratio, it is both an interesting picture and a purveyor of some interesting theory that brings "the golden ratio into a family of perfect proportions." It is called The Harriss Spiral. A side aspect is the ratio 1.325, which determines the rectangle underlying the creation of the Harriss spiral....it is known as the “plastic number.”

Any other new mathematical ideas you have found recently on the Internet?