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...we can conquer every problem

The summer break is over....time to revive this website. As a motivator, what better way to start a year than with this piece of art from the Fante culture in Ghana:

Pointing to the invincible vine which could wrap around even the tallest tree, the Fante people (i.e. three gong-beaters and an Asafo officer with a sword) claim: "Like the brebia vine, we can conquer every problem."

That is eactly the attitude we should instill in our students while learning mathematics. That is, like the brebia vine, they can conquer every problem!

Confidence is a big part of success...and we need to from day one to help our students build the confidence necessary to face and persevere while solving challenging mathematics problems.

My goal as part of this web site (and the project that supports it) is to provide teachers and students with a wealth of mathematically-connected ideas that will enrich, challenge, and hopefully entice.

Welcome back to another school year.......it will be a lot of fun.

Source: ddff