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Prizes for Most Unique M.C. Escher-Inspired Artwork

Consider this math-related opportunity for both students and teachers.

The World of Escher web site is sponsoring a contest. Using the fascinating art works of M.C. Escher as a model, you (students or teachers) can submit entries that can be up to 8.5"x11" in size and in media such as watercolor, color pencils, pen and ink, colored markers, or computer-generated printouts. Entries may be submitted using e-mail or regular mail.

And the prizes? They are Escher-based products from the World of Escher's online store, which include t-shirts, calendars, posters, books, and similar items.

The deadline for entries is December 15, 2006. For a complete set of rules, see World of Escher web site.

Why not get your students involved...at least introduce them to Escher's work?