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Fibonacci Rules!

Fibonacci Rules...because it shows up everywhere! You might remember that the June issue of this website focused on the application of Fibonacci relationships to scrapbooking. Now, Brian Beatty (middle school teacher) has shared another application of the Fibonacci sequence...namely, as a shop tool in wood working.

Two articles are devoted to this tool in the November issue of the journal Wood Magazine. The first article deals with the construction of a Fibonacci Gauge, an adjustable design tool that maintains the Golden Mean ratio as it is either compressed or expanded. That is, the ratio of the shortyer span is 0.618 of the larger span, regardless of its "spread."

The second article deals with the use of the Fibonacci Gauge, either to create pleasing proportions in wood working projects or to find the proportional dimensions for a given piece of furniture or object.

You can build the Fibonacci Gauge yourself by obtaining the November issue of Wood or you can purchase its construction plans for $2.75. Wood Magazine also offers a free on-line video on the use of the gauge.

Finally, if you can't find the journal and want to know more about Fibonacci Gauges, these sites should get you started: