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You make the judgements....I merely report the news. On Tuesday (11/27/06), Washington Governor Chris Gregoire and OSPI Superintendent Terry Bergeson requested that the legislature postpone until 2011 the requirement that students pass the WASL math exam in order to graduate.

Their proposed plan includes some aspects that could create controversy:

  • State mandate that schools use one or two state-adoped curriculums for teaching math.
  • Improved training of mathematics teachers, at both the preservice and inservice levels.
  • Increased emphasis on how mathematics is taught in the early grades, accompanied by an adjustment in the WASL math tests to include computational skills.
  • Improved school-based re-mediation efforts to help students not at the passing level.
  • At the recent press conference, Gregoire added: "I want to let students and parents know that we are listening to their concerns and we believe this plan promotes math skills without penalizing responsible, hardworking students and teachers."

    Again, I am here to just report the news...but do suggest you consider some other informative documents and viewpoints:

    Source: Seattle Times, 11/27/06