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Irrational Celebrations

Get ready....in a month (March 14) it is time for Pi-Day!

But wait, why should the number pi get all of this special attention. I propose that we should celebrate the following days as well:

  • e-day [e = 2.71828182...], which will occur on February 7th at 6:28 pm
  • phi-day [phi = 1.618033989...], which should have occurred on January 6th at 6:03 pm
  • SQR(2)-day [Sqr(2) = 1.41421356...], which should have occurred on January 4th at 2:21 pm
  • Gamma-day [gamma = 0.577215664901...], but when should it be celebrated? Perhaps at 0:57 am on New Year's Day?
  • Feigenbaum's-day [constant = 4.66920160910299067...], which could be celebrated on April 6th
The list could go on...perhaps we could search out more math constants and thereby create a math holiday to celebrate every week....and our students might learn some more math as well.

I know. All of these weird celebrations seem irrational to outsiders....but then what can be expected, given "most" of the number involved are irrational!