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Connecting 23 and 236

Numbers pervade our lives each and every week. This week the special numbers of interest are 23 and 236.

First, The Number 23 is a movie, oddly enough, about the number 23. For example, some people think that the number 23 occurs quite often in the media and daily interactions... often tied to a catastrophe. Consider the numerology "coincidences" listed on the number 23 enigma website, the Fnord Zone, or the additional links on Andrew Krepel's Cosmic Number website. For a more balanced view, you might want to consider the Wikipedia discussion as well.

In contrast, Friday, March 2, was the kick-off for Project 236, a special celebration of the birthday of Dr. Seuss (aka Theodor Seuss Geisel) and the 50-years-ago publication of The Cat in the Hat. As to the number 236...it represents the number of words Dr. Seuss used to write the book. I should add that other than 236 being odly connected to 23 by the idea of multiplication (2 x 3 = 6), few have found any other special properties for it. I take that back, 236 is the number of Hamiltonian circuits of a 48 rectangle. How could I have overlooked that!