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Its Mathematics Awareness Month!

Are you aware that April is Mathematics Awareness Month. So what can you do about it?

First, you should check out the MAA's Mathematics Awareness Month web site. The special theme is Mathematics and the Brain. As the site claims: "One of the most exciting challenges in modern science is to fully understand the human brain and its mechanisms. Mathematics plays a vital role in this research to understand the mechanisms and function of the human brain from its smallest components to the whole brain...Mathematical models continue to play a central role in understanding brain cells, their interaction, and their function."

That's all good, but what can you do with your students...or to further inform yourself? Again, the MAM to the rescue. On their web site, you can find things such as:

  • A wide collection of theme essays, on topics such as "Mathematics of the BrainóBut What About Mathematics in the Brain?", "Invasion of the Shapeshifters," and "A New Mathematics-Inspired Understanding of Breathing and the Brain."
  • Links to sources of outreach activities related to the brain and mathematics (check out Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies)
  • Ways to obtain copies of the theme poster
So what will you do......to become aware...and make others aware?