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I See a Spaceship...I See a Hexagon...

At some time, everyone perhaps has looked up at clouds in the sky and seen shapes. So, imagine the surprise when NASA scientists announced their discovery of a huge six-sided cloud hovering obove Saturn's north pole.

The cloud is 15,000 miles across, 60 miles thick, and has become a novelty. As one JPL scientist noted: "This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometrical fashion with six nearly equally straight sides.

Even more interesting is the lay public's (many with web sites) reaction to this discovery, claiming it is a paranormal event (i.e. symbol for masonic black sun worship) or part of a conspiracy (i.e. the government knows what it is but is covering it up). For example, one blogger wrote: "I can't wait to hear NASA explain this thing...Isn't there some statement out there that straight lines in nature are impossible? Well here are six."

The integration of mathematics into the blogger's arguments is fascinating, showing that some people actually learned and remember some mathematics from their school days. As another example, a blogger wrote: "Good thing it wasn't a pentagon or there would be lot of freaked-out people."

Another blogger claims he has found a similar hexagonal cloud hanging over the northwestern part of the U.S.....yes, that is us!

Source: Rick Weiss"s "6-Sided Cloud Confounds NASA," Seattle Times, April 3, 2007