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Teaching: The Least Likely Profession to Feel Bored

In previous reports on this web site, both interesting and disturbing research results have been discussed. More will surely follow....as that is the nature of the game.

On July 27, 2006, BBC News reported the results of a survey on job satisfaction amongs a wide range of vocations. First, the most frustrated and bored were the collective group of administrative and manufacturing employees, followed by marketing and sales employees.

The least bored group....Teachers! (tied with healthcare workers). When asked why they were not bored and found their jobs interesting, teachers overwhelmingly (81%) mentioned both the challenge of their role and the fact that "no two days were the same." Also, 86% of the respondents said that "interacting with people" was the most positive feature, while 64% also mentioned that they were able to capitalize on their personal creativity as part of the job.