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Dinner Date to Remember

Given the recent bad news both in and out of mathematics education, this short video should brighten your day, or at least prompt a smile or two.

It is amazing what you can find on YouTube or Google-Video.

Imagine the numbers pi and e going oput on a blind date....in the style of Olde English Sketch Comedy. Some of the lines are quite clever...and thanks to M.N. (WWU) for alerting me to this video.

The second video exists in several versions. The two I recommend are these animated versions of Tom Lehrer's New Math-Take 1 or New Math-Take 2. Look at both! Oddly, the video's message seems appropriate in today's world, despite being written about three decades ago.

Again, if you have some time on your hands, you might do a search using "math" on YouTube. You will find some good things...but it is both frustrating and embarassing to see what students capture (and then make public) with their cell-phones. This is technology gone awry!