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Was His Name Rosie?

A riveter in a West Coast yard reported that in one week's time he had exceeded his hourly quota by the following percents:

  • Monday (47.5%)
  • Tuesday (136.1%)
  • Wednessday (94%)
  • Thursday (47.3%)
  • Friday (113.2%)
If his quota was 47 rivets per hour per 8-hour day, and, with the exception of Wednesday, he worked 1 hour and 20 minutes overtime each day, how many rivets did he drive?

If this riveter was paid $.026 for each of the first thousand rivets and $.0014 additional bonus per rivet for the next thousand, how much would he get for his week's work if this bonus increased 42% for each thousand or part of a thousand thereafter?


Source: W.C. Eddy's Wartime Refresher in Fundamental Mathematics, 1945, p. 29-30