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A Thanksgiving Problem (Of Sorts)

Two monkeys, having stolen a pile of walnuts and filberts from a garden, are on the point of beginning their feast, when they see the injured owner of the nuts approaching them with a stick. At once they see that he will take 2.5 minutes to reach them. There are twice as many filberts as walnuts, and one monkey finishes the latter at the rate of 15 a minute in 4/5 of the time and runs away; the other manages to eat the filberts just in time. If the first monkey had stopped to help the other till all were finished, find when they would have got away, (i) if they eat filberts at equal rates, (ii) if the first monkey eats filberts at the same rate as he eats walnuts.


Source: Charles Pendlebury's Arithmetic (London: G. Bell & Son, 1918)