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Do All By Monday...On Your Slates!

In a one-room North Center School, circa 1810 and relocated from Whately (MA), the blackboard contains these problems:

  1. Divide $345 equally among three people.
  2. How much land that costs $5.75 an acre can you by for $529?
  3. A farmer sold 28 sacks of apples, containing 3 bushels each, for $31.50. How much did he receive per bushel?
  4. A farmer bought 240 acres for $540. How much did one acre cost?
  5. The circumference of a wagon wheel is 15 feet, how many turns will the wheel make in going 52,800 feet, or 10 miles?
  6. Mr. Burns earns $37.50 a week. his expenses are $19.50 a week. How much can he save in 26 weeks?