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At Least Two Things Are Wrong...Can You Find Them?

In the words of Benjamin Franlin: "Numbers that are equal to the sum of their aliquot parts, are called “perfect numbers”; such are 6, 28, 120, etc. Of these numbers Mr. Stone, in his Mathematical Dictionary, says, there are but ten, between one and 1,000000,000000. I shall leave my curious reader to find the rest."

In response to title's question, B.L. (CA) first wrote: "1. The next perfect number is 496 - not 120.... 2. There are only 7 perfect numbers between one and 1,000000,000000. Is this what you were asking...?"

Then, he added: "I was just rereading The Wonders of Magic Squares, by Jim Moran, and quite a few pages were devoted to Ben and his magic squares; he was quite good at them. Ben has been referred to as a polymath by some folks, as I recall - he knew a lot about a number of different disciplines."

B.L. is a loyal reader of this website. Also, I encourage you to browse his website, as it offers some good, classroom-based materials.


Source: Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard: The Almanks, 1749