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Forty-Minute Test: Percentage II

At the end of the Krampner & Grady text, multiple "Forty Minute Tests" are found. The rules: "Read the example carefully. Note what is required. Check all work to test the correctness of your answers."

[Without Pencil]
  1. 2 x 3 , +8, +15, +6, 12, x6 = what percent of 24?
  2. There are 40 pupils on register; 38 pupils are present. What per cent of the class are absent?
  3. The selling price is $36; the loss is $12. What is the loss per cent?
  4. An article that costs 35 is sold for 42. what per cent is gained?
  5. 1 is what percent of 2 ?

    [With pencil]

  6. $1000 is divided equally among 15 children. What per cent of the sum is given to each child?
  7. A school has 750 boys and 650 girls enrolled. What per cent of the total register is the number of boys? the number of girls?
  8. If an article costs $650, what per cent do I gain by selling it for $300 more than the cost?
  9. Velour that costs $7.50 a yard is sold for $9.30 a yard. What per cent is gained?
  10. By selling some silk for $15.50 I lose $1. What per cent do I lose?


Source: Krampner & Grady's Arithmetic by Grades--7, 1921, p. 190.