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Pacioli (1494)

A mouse is at the top of a poplar tree 60 braccia high, and a cat is on the ground at its foot. The mouse descends 1/2 of a braccia a day and at night turns back 1/6 of a braccia. The cat climbs 1 braccia each day and goes back 1/4 of a braccia each night. The tree grows 1/4 of a braccia between the cat and the mouse each day and it shrinks 1/8 of a braccia every night. In how many days will the cat reach the mouse and how many ells has the tree grown in the meantime, and how far does the cat climb?


Source: R. McGinty & J. Van Beynen's "Story Problems--Let's Make Them Just That," SSAM (April 1982)