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Can You Pass This Test to Enter High School?

Admission Examination
Jersey City High School
June 1885
  1. If a 60 days note of $840 is discounted at a bank at 4 1/2 % what are the proceeds?
  2. Find the sum of sqrt(16.7281) and sqrt(72 1/4)
  3. The interest of $50 from march 1st to July 1st is $2.50. What is the rate?
  4. What is the cost of 19 cwt. 83 lb. of sugar at $98.50 a ton?
  5. Divide the difference between 37 hundreths and 95 thousandths by 25 hundred thousands and express the result in words.
  6. The mason work on a building can be finished by 16 men in 24 days, working 10 hours a day. How long will it take 22 men working 8 hours a day?
  7. A merchant sold a quantity of goods for $18,775. he deducts 5% for cash and then finds that he has made 10%. what did he pay for the goods?
  8. A requires 10 days and B 15 days to do a certain piece of work. How long will it take A and B working together to do the work?
  9. By selling goods at 12 1/2 % profit a man clears $800. what was the cost of the goods, and for what were they sold?
  10. A merchant offered some goods for $1170.90 cash, or $1206 payable in 30 days. Which was the better offer for the customer, money being worth 10%?


Source: Jersey City High School Entrance Examination, 1885