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Reality Show ala 1924

On the 4th of February, Mrs. Lucinda Picheron, while going to milk at sunset, fell into the Ozark River. She dropped the two buckets she was carrying, and they floated downstream, and were not recovered; value of each, $.43. Feed to the value of 8 cents went with them. she lost her hat, $.23; a comb and hairpins, $.12; false teeth, #4.98; one cow-bell whcih she was going to put on the Cow, $.66; and was forced to kick off and sacrifice (sacrifice, from a French word meaning to make sacred; always seize every chance to acquire useful information) her husband's rubber boots, which she wore, $2.39. The following articles fell from her pockets and were a total loss: 2 spools fo thread, $.16; spectacles and case, $.45; one curry comb, $.70; a pair of shears, $1.48; matches, $.02; one candle, $.02; a bag gumdrops, $.06; one French-harp, $.17. By the time she escaped and climbed up the bank, her dress and attire had been damaged to the extent of $1.49. The Cow witnessed the accident, and her supply of milk fell off one-sixteenth for the remainder of the year because of her emotion. The value of one milking had previously been $.14. Lucinda's husband. Jasper, who also witnessed the accident from the bank, died of heart failure. He had $200 in life insurance. Please find Lucinda's loss or gain up to the close of December.


Source: R. Weeks' Boys' Own Arithmetic (1924)