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Baker (1568)

A mayde carieing egges unto the market, and it happened a merrye Fellowe to meete her, who began to jeste with her in a duche sorte, that he overthrewe her Basket, and brake all her egges; and the mayde being much displeased with him for breaking of the same, sayde very ernestly unto him, ye should pay for them, the man considering with himself, that by his folly they were broken, he demanded of her what number she had.

The silly poor wenche coulde not well reckon, sayde unto him that she could not well tell him, but sayde she, when I did put them into my basket by 2 and by 2, there remayned 1 egge, and when I counted them 3 and by 3, there remayned 1; and when I did reckon them by 4 and by 4, there remayned still 1; but when I did counte them 5 and by 5, there remayned none.

The Question is to know howe manye egges the mayde had in all?


Source: R. McGinty & J. Van Beynen's "Story Problems--Let's Make Them Just That," SSAM (April 1982)